About Davinci Resolve

A tool that large movie production studios use. Get the forever free version now.

  • Leading post production software for the film industry

  • Made by a highly trusted developer for movie productions and TV studios, BlackMagic Design

  • Free to download and use, no subscription or payment ever (unless you upgrade to the paid version which you don't need as a course designer)

  • Free download link in the course lessons

Here's What You'll Get

  • 1


    • Welcome Professionals

  • 2

    Prepare Your Project

    • Before we begin...

    • Software Download

    • What is Davinci Resolve?

    • Hey we have a free LinkedIn Group

  • 3

    Working in Davinci Resolve

    • Open Davinci Resolve and Create Your First Project

    • Your Media Center

    • Editing Videos: arranging clips on the timeline

    • Here's a coupon code for you - 20% off with "davinci"

    • Editing Videos: color corrections & grading

    • Editing Videos: adjusting your audio

    • Video Editing: exporting your film

    • You've made it! Get your certificate.

    • Before you go, please help us.

Unlimited Access Option

With the button above, access is totally free for 2 days, however...

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