Raise your hand if....

you deliver virtual live or recorded content and

  • you've always wanted to use OBS for your virtual productions
  • you've heard of multiple screen inputs
  • your one-camera production feels a bit outdated
  • you'd like to bring a mix of video and graphics live on air
  • you've got some used cameras and laptops laying around
  • you want to appear more like TV hosts or news speakers

Now, imagine

... if you could:

  • Appear like a professional moderator on Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc

  • Create an unforgettable audience experience

  • Bring digital effects on air like you've seen on TV

  • Boost participant attention over several hours

  • Create picture-in-picture effects at the press of a button

  • Increase video/audio quality to broadcast-standards

  • Automate your workflow to help you stay focused on your content


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Superhero Adventure!

  • 2

    The Superhero's Studio: Upgrade Your Equipment

  • 3

    The Superhero's Command Central: Get Software for Your Success

    • OBS Overview & Download

    • Stream Deck Overview

    • Download Your Stream Deck Software

    • Choose Your Stream Deck Shortcuts

    • Master Your Webcam Settings - Shown with a Logitech Webcam

  • 4

    Challenge 1: Use OBS as Your Virtual Camera in Zoom or Teams

    • Challenge 1: The Details

    • Start Your OBS Setup- Create Your First Scene by Adding a Camera and Mic

    • Use OBS with Zoom

    • Use OBS with Teams

  • 5

    Challenge 2: Use a Dynamic Background in OBS

  • 6

    Challenge 3: Add Content Like Slides, Images and Counters- and Float Over It!

  • 7

    Challenge 4: Control OBS with Stream Deck Buttons

    • Challenge 4: The Details

    • Stream Deck - Change OBS Scene with a Button - Control a Scene

    • Stream Deck - Turn OBS Models and Images On/Off with a Button - Control a Source

    • Plan for Stream Deck Success by Structuring OBS Scenes and Sources

  • 8

    Optimize Your OBS

  • 9

    Dominate Your Stream Deck

    • Stream Deck - Make One Button Do More Than One Thing - Set MultiAction Buttons

    • Stream Deck - Control Zoom with a Button - Choose and Use Zoom Plugin

    • Stream Deck - Program More Functions than You Have Buttons - Create and Switch Profiles

    • folders and pages

    • Stream Deck - Speed Up Your Startup Routine - Create System Shortcuts

    • Stream Deck - Tell Your Buttons Apart - Load Images to the Stream Deck Buttons

  • 10

    Inspiration Zone: Look for Fresh Ideas

    • What Is The Inspiration Zone?

    • OBS and Stream Deck - Andrea Sets Up a New Class

    • stephan setup a webinar

    • setup learning video: record it

  • 11

    The End... and the Beginning of Your Superhero Story

    • Congratulations

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What Others Say...

I got a follow-up booking on the spot

John Elliott, Sales Consultant and Leadership Coach, USA

This course was exactly what I needed. I'm very tech savvy, but this has taken it to another level - they made it so easy to select and use the equipment, that my client of the following week was totally blown away. They said they had seen lots of virtual training, but they hadn't realized the potential after they saw my session. And the best thing: they booked the next workshop on the spot! The Virtual Superhero workshop turned straight into revenue. Thats how learning should be.

Just Wow!

Sue Dunlap, Sales Effectiveness Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach, USA

Working with Stephan and Andrea online has transformed the way I facilitate virtual classes. These two are experts in knowing the best technology, tools and applications in online learning. It was amazing to spend time with others in a similar situation in the workshops and follow-up sessions. A real added bonus was get individual attention from each of them when I had technical issues. Even at the eleventh hour before class was to begin, they were there to help me out. I would highly recommend this program to others. Thank you both for all the support in your interest in making me a better online facilitator.

Want to level up your virtual presentations, but don't know where to start?

We're here to show you how you can easily wow your audience through the integration of technology into your live trainings and video recordings.

Meet Your Course Designers

Andrea Elliott and Stephan Melchior

Both Andrea and Stephan have been delivering virtual training courses for years. Their experience in audience engagement, interaction and using online tools has captured the attention of hundreds of clients and countless course participants.
Over the past 18 months, they have  integrated various technical production equipment that helps creates a smooth delivery style. Together, they delivered well over 400 virtual training sessions since the start of the pandemic.


  • What's included for the price?

    Access to the Hero Hub (this online course), a private LinkedIn Group for questions, troubleshooting, inspiration and networking, plus immediate access to updates to the course.

  • Is there any other cost involved?

    Yes, with the purchase you buy the training course, however we advise you on using specific equipment so there may be other cost involved for cameras, video production devices, etc. This cost is based on your budget and can range from $250 to a few thousands, depending how far you want to go. Participants have seen an increase in bookings anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 as a direct result of this course.

  • What's the time investment?

    You can decide how much time you want to invest, however there is a certain minimum to get ready - we estimate about 15+ hours to get up and running, including equipment installation.

  • What if I don't know where to start?

    We put everything in an easy-to-follow format, that guides you through a logical order of setup. However, you're not limited to the order of the course- you may jump around however you want!

  • How long do I have access to the online content?

    We have set the access to 2 years when you sign up, however we're happy to talk about an extension if you feel this isn't long enough.

  • How long do I have access to the Private LinkedIn Group?

    The LinkedIn Group is brought alive through you, so we won't ever revoke your access - unless we close down the course, something happens to the LinkedIn itself, or there is a flood that washes us all away.

  • Can I get live, personalized support?

    Yes! Anytime you want a higher level of support, you can book a paid group practice session or private 1:1 coaching session.

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The course was already successful!

But we've listened to you.

  • Additional Content

    We've used your feedback and and made something good even greater. Additional content and materials, new videos, activities, quizzes and assignments, as well as updated technical support to boost your personal learning and make you a true virtual superhero.

  • New Platform

    Finally a learning platform that can handle the traffic, the band-width and the number of users more effectively. It's much easier to navigate now, take part in activities, navigate through the lessons and engage with your facilitators.

  • More Designers

    We've also increased the number of course designers in the background to make sure you're getting the experience from more resources. Both Andrea and Stephan are working with trainers and facilitators all over the world to gather leading practices.