This is a demo course to illustrate a few sample modules of our flagship sales training. It is only for demo purposes, so don't expect to be a sales pro after this ;)

The s=demo shows several different course lessons, video learning, downloads, and many other features of our platform. As an individual learner, you can sign up and pay for your learning, as a corporate client, we will create a customised learning experience for you. Now, sit back and enjoy

"Value Conversations"

Value Conversations is a new approach to managing our customer interactions, sales calls and relationships. It's a skills development learning experience that omits the old way of selling through a process; we focus on implementing a framework of conversations instead. In a series of video and self-paced modules, we offer you a snapshot of the possibilities of our platform.

Learning Outcomes

After going through this demo course, you will be able to

  • Get a feel for this digital course format

  • Decide whether this could be of support for your learning

  • Get inspired to find digital approaches for learning

  • Use your Value Proposition to engage with clients

  • Hopefully feel interested to contact us for a free consultation


Course Curriculum

This is what we'll cover in the demo

  • 1


    • Welcome to this Digital Demo Course

    • Handouts and Materials

    • Build Your Own Workbook

    • Who are You?

  • 2

    Value Conversations Demo

    • A New Way of Looking at Sales

    • Why Do We Call It "Conversations"?

    • The Power of Conversations

    • What does Selling really mean?

    • 2 Questions

    • Evolution of Sales - Example

    • Value Quiz. Test your Learning!

  • 3

    Customer Stages Sample

    • The 4 Buying Stages

    • Customer Stages Assignment

    • eLearning Example

    • SCORM Example

    • Congratulations!